Monday, January 19, 2009


The show at the Moose Sunday evening was a great one, 150ish kids came out on a night with shitty weather and no insanely-humongous headlining bands (mostly local in fact). The bands played great, there was a good feeling in the air, all in all it was a fun show and one for the books.

FULL CIRCLE opened the gig, their 2nd show with their "revamped" lineup (and the first in an actual venue). They're off to a good start, big improvements were made in the switch from thrash and tony on bass and vocals (respectively) to ott and rycal. i think people assume that if you have tony conner in your band it's gonna be good because bangarang was so successful it made everyone forget about the 40 god-awful bands he did before that. full circle realized their mistake and re-started the band before things went too far. Anyway, a few fuck-ups here and there during the set, most notably during a hacked-to-hell PANIC cover (some Doylestown band covered Panic at the '04 Halloween show, it was ridiculous. forget who it was though), but overall sounding pretty good for a band just starting out. I expect some decent things from this band in the future.

a band from out of town, delaware to be exact, called CUT SHORT played next, and they sounded pretty good. I was completely unaware of this band before watching their set at the show but to my ears it sounded like Integrity-type stuff with some more modern Ceremony-ish stomping mosh parts. Pretty cool, the singer sounded good and they brought some friends out to rep it on the dance floor for them. They brought a good vibe and will be a band I will pay attention to in the future.

next came FORCE FED, perkasie/bluebell's local straight edge heroes. they've been back from their little hiatus for awhile now, and have been gigging out fairly often and it's paid off for them both in their crowd response (massive side-to-side moshing like Doylestown was located somewhere in the mid-west) and how good they sound live. Bues's vocals were the stand-out of a set which included an SSD cover nobody in the crowd really knew (duh) and all the old favorites. if this band keeps doing what they're doing (playing shows, writing good songs, putting it out there every time they play live) they could gain more attention outside of our backyard around here.

the EARLY BIRDS of wilkes-barre played next, their last show in Doylestown and maybe their 2nd to last one EVER? i'm unsure of the reasons behind the early birds breakup but it's a shame because they've finally got a handle on their sound, in just a little over a year they've come a long way. as usual when a wilkes-barre band plays doylestown (and especially for an occasion like this) a ton of wilkes-barre kids were around to represent, and that they did. much moshing and singing along, a few doylestown kids got in on the action too which is always great to see (local kids supporting a band not because they're 'hyped' or because they're close friends, but because they've checked them out objectively and decided they like the tunes). their usual cover of "no spiritual surrender" was a highlight. doylestown has always been good to the early birds, and tonight was no exception.

THE MONGOLOIDS are another out-of-town band that has always received a warm response in Doylestown, tonight they sounded killer and were just all around fun to watch, playing a great mix of songs off their new record "assorted music" that officially released the day before at a show in Edison and all the old hits. Kids moshed, Greg didn't make things TOO awkward like he sometimes does, and it seemed like a real fun set - it seems like the Mongoloids have rejuvenated themselves after this last winter tour they did.

MOTHER OF MERCY headlined to a hometown crowd, got a much-deserved insane response to the hits everyone knows and played some songs off their forthcoming LP that sounded excellent. MOM has risen to the top of the totem pole around here by having a triforce of quality - great musicians, great work ethic (playing out and practicing constantly), and a great live show. Whenever MOM plays now you know kids are gonna go off and it's gonna be a good time. Everyone digs MOM from the straight edge kids to the drunk scumbags to random metalcore kids and other pieces of shit, the diverse fanbase makes for a retarded "anything goes" kind of environment when they play, although all that really lead up to tonight was a couch being dragged into the middle of the pit. luckily MOM is a band that actually deserves whatever recognition they get - it's hard for me to be objective about a band that has some of my best friends in it but when I distance myself from that fact I still see Mother of Mercy as one of the tightest units in hardcore right now, and we're definitely lucky to have them as one of our "local bands". there are tons of major cities in america that would kill to have a band half as good as MOM.

Anyway the show went off without a hitch, kids weren't babies about the snow and came from all over the place, no fights and no bullshit, even that whiner Meadows looked like he had a smile on his face most of the night. Doylestown is a great place to catch a hardcore show in 2009.


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