Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I havent updated this thing since before the Phillies did the big dirty. I figured I will keep this going and not become a lazy piece of shit... Anyway on my break I was considering just turning this into a weather blog but months went by and I said, fuck that, no one is going to read a blog about the weather in PA. So lets get the ball rolling again.

Recently FULL CIRCLE has done a couple of local shows here and there and they finally recorded. Six songs feautring young heart throbs such as Joe Fasano, Scotty B, and Rycal. Download the 6 song demo here.

Back from a winter stint with the Mongoloids, MOTHER OF MERCY is doing two shows this weekend. The first one is on Friday in Edison, NJ with Cold World, War Hungry, Petition, The Mongoloids (Record Release Part I), and a very special guest. here is a flyer, it looks rad:

The other show is this Sunday in Doto with The Mongoloids (Record Release Part II), Force Fed, The Early Birds (last show in Doto), Full Circle, and Cut Short. It's at the Moose Lodge. ALSO, MOM just finished recording a brand new LP with Matt Buckley (he has done Dead Again, War Pigs, On Course, Layin Waste, Burdens, you know...a shit load) all brand new songs probably coming out in early spring on Six Feet Under Records (Let Down, Mongos, Cold World, Bitter End, you know). The record release will probably be off the chain for sure.

BALANCE AND COMPOSURE has gotten rid of Dan Kerrigan on lead guitar and replaced with Erik Petersen (Erection Kids, Mute, War Pigs). Hopefully B&C will be heavier live and not "sound like a bunch of pussies" - Bob Barrella.

WAR PIGS new LP will hopefully be out in March sometime. 9 Brand new songs. If you want a little taste of the new record, there are 2 songs on their myspace, or you could just check them out at the show coming up on January 23rd w/ Balance And Composure, Title Fight, Best Intentions, Eating Glass (hardcore from CANADA), and Throw Me Overboard. Show is at the Moose Lodge.

Perkasie pop punk band ALL IN A YEAR has put up their new 7 song EP up for FREE DOWNLOAD. Check out this "kinda" new pop punk sensation. This EP will hopefully get them that foot in the door and play out a little, more people need to hear this. It's free! Cop it.

That's all for right now. Remember keep checking back. I'm looking to have some videos up, some interviews, guest columnists, the whole nine yards. So if you got any suggestions or things you wanna see / kept posted about, comment it up.

Over and out....and remember, GO BIRDS!

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