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BLACK POWER. dont drop anymore balls

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see you in a month

check the tour dates here

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The Erection Kids Halloween Show @ The Teen Center
"Among The Living intro / Boy Caught Girls"

a true highpoint in the hot Doylestown years of 2005/2006

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DOTO: ok, whats your name. what current bands are you in / what bands were you in and your positions?
JUSTIN: my name's justin m. ogden, i play bass in let down, up until recently i thought that was my only band but wrong answer may or may not still be a band, every time i see them they talk about practicing and shit and then blame the fact that we haven't done anything in a year on each other, so who knows. previous bands? kidnapping lindbergh, lazzaro, fuck this, rip it, and i may or may not have been the original singer of rope burn. hopefully if you're reading this you're not old enough to remember any of that.

DOTO: whats up with let down lately...we know you guys are going on that huge tour with have heart, ceremony, and blacklisted....whats next for Let Down after the tour is over?
JUSTIN: it's kind of hard to say and we haven't really discussed it, at first it seemed like 'we're in this alone' would be the last thing we ever record but recently bob started talking about how he was pissed off enough to write another 7 inch so maybe we'll do that. i doubt we're going to do a normal winter tour like we always do because touring at that time of year usually sucks, everyone does it so places that have shows are having shows every night of the week with like 9 bands on it. don't get me wrong, tour is tour and it's better than home but we only ever really toured then out of necessity. i know that we're going to play this is hardcore next year, whether that's one of our last shows or not remains to be seen. i don't feel like let down is stale or anything and i still have fun with it but it's been a LONG time. we'll keep going until it doesn't make sense to go anymore, but who knows when that will be.

DOTO: Let Down has been around for so long. What has been your favorite local show and favorite non-local show? Don't be afraid of explaining why..
JUSTIN: my favorite local would definitely be the war pigs record release, it was awesome to see so many kids come out for an all-local show (well, all local and wilkes-barre, but we're pretty much one and the same at this point) and then have everyone go nuts. back in what people now describe as "the glory days" or whatever of shows around here we would get turn outs like that but it was just because people in bands were popular in their stupid high school or whatever, 200 kids would come out but all except like 30 would stand in the back because they weren't hardcore kids. that show proved that with a great lineup we can get that many legit kids to come out for a show with all real bands on it. i had more fun at that show at the age of 23 than any local show i'd been to since i started coming out when i was like 15. as for non-local, probably every time we play cleveland and people throw fireworks, the one last winter was pretty fucking crazy. cleveland kids are some of the best on earth.

DOTO: you've been in this situation before....some kid outside a Doylestown show wants a good slice of DOTO pizza...where are your top 5 places to get a piece of pizza around here?
JUSTIN: very very important question. my first choice is always italian delight, you go there, you get a great slice of pizza for not a whole lot of money, they bring the thing out to your table, it's a no-bullshit kind of a place. if you're looking for some fancy shit with all sorts of wild toppings, then i'm about pina's III over by k-mart, they do BBQ chicken and chicken parm pizza right. number three would be franco's over by the 7-11 at 202 and shady retreat, they used to have the cheapest fucking lunch special (2 slices and a drink for 2.99) that kept me going when i was broke as shit and still living in chalfont. number four would be pina's II at bristol and 202 for their sweet all you can eat pizza/pasta nights, and number four would be that weird little shack over by the dairy queen on main st (spatolas), haven't been there in forever but it was good. nat's pretty much sucks, pizza for tourists and retarded teenagers, and if you really want to eat at jule's, fuck you hippy, go back to new hope.

DOTO: you are on a long drive to somewhere and you wanna put an album you wont have to change from start to finish. top 3 long drive albums...go.
JUSTIN: during the day: screeching weasel - my brain hurts, integrity - those who fear tomorrow or humanity is the devil, judge - bringin' it down
at night: brand new - deja entendu, unbroken - life. love. regret., raekwon - only built 4 cuban linx

DOTO: it seems to be the cool thing in hardcore now to get drunk, smoke weed, yada yada. how do you feel about the current state of straight edge in hardcore?
JUSTIN: oh man it sucks so bad haha. like there are some decent straight edge hardcore bands out there but there's no powerhouse or anything, there's no judge, no floorpunch. most of the decent edge bands are just like, project bands that don't really do anything, which is cool and all but somebody needs to fly the flag, you know? the rest of the straight edge bands seem to downplay how straight edge they are, i mean they'll put it on a shirt or allude to it in their lyrics but i never see full bands Xed up anymore, nobody wants to be in your face about it except for a bunch of 'bring back prohibition' weirdos from the desert. i dunno i think it's pretty beat, it's obvious that a lot of people in bands actually have some concept about how their actions will determine how succesful they are in 'the hardcore scene' and that's so wack, it's not popular to be straight edge right now so nobody wants to be 'that guy' and put themselves out there as being straight edge and face the judgment of the crowd. in light of all of that, for the last 4.5 years let down has pretty much Xed up for every show, all of us, and we never downplayed straight edge. if you look at the lyrics to 'we're in this alone' it's more about straight edge than it ever was before. we play places where people will very likely be hostile towards that because it goes against what they're about and we don't not X up/downplay what we're about to try to make new friends and sell a bunch of t-shirts. this pisses people off because it's strange to them to see a band actually doing the things they talk about in their lyrics. oh well, fuck them all.

DOTO: any last words, shout outs, shit talking that might make it on the headlines of other blogs?
JUSTIN: my last words are, if the things you read about let down on the internet piss you off and make you not want to like our band, then chances are you never read our lyrics anyway or had any concept of what we were about as a band so whatever, good riddance. shout out to everyone who follows the herd mentality in hardcore and is so afraid of a faceless bunch of retards judging them that they'll hide their real opinions in order to be accepted. shout out to doylestown hardcore now and forever, war pigs, mother of mercy, lil matt, babi dani, bob meadows, perkasie kids, the montgomery county scragglers, wilkes-barre kids, all the straight edge kids, all the drunk scumbag assholes, everyone who makes the scene here what it is, for better or for worse i couldn't think of a better place to live and go to shows, and i've been all over the goddamn place. shout out to toronto kids, cleveland kids, birmingham alabama kids, lubbock texas kids, omaha nebraska, the 15 cool people we met in europe, my cat, my roommates, carousel flowers, cyborg one comics, kevin the dude i vaccuum the country club with every night, kyle kimball - still fart noises for life, joe hanlon and the llocal troll crew, allie v, someday i'll take you to a decent place for dinner, everyone who posts on doto.activeboard.com. check out LD on the fall tour, check out the other bands on that tour they'll all great, check out that new cold world record. in case you haven't opened a newspaper lately, it's the end of the world, see you all in hell. PEACE - XXX.

Check out Justin's band Let Down on tour with Have Heart, Ceremony, and Blacklisted all this fall across the US of A:

10/20: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
10/21: Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
10/22: Atlanta, GA @ MJQ
10/23: Orlando, FL @ Blackbox Collective
10/24: Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar
10/25: Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9
10/26: Memphis, TN @ Singleton Community Center
10/27: Tulsa, OK @ Pinkeye
10/28: Austin, TX @ Red 7
10/30: Phoenix, AZ @ Modified Arts
10/31: Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
11/01: Berkeley, CA @ Gilman
11/02: Portland, OR @ Satyricon
11/03: Tacoma, WA @ Viaduct
11/05: Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
11/06: Mission, KS @ Mission Theatre
11/07: Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
11/08: Madison, WI @ Club 770 / University Of Wisconsin
11/09: Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
11/10: Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter
11/11: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
11/12: Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys
11/13: Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project
11/14: Syracuse, NY @ Klub Polski
11/15: Boston, MA @ The ICC
11/16: Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
11/17: Manhattan, NY @ Knitting Factory
11/18: Maplewood, NJ @ Garden State Music
11/19: Deer Park, NY @ Deer Park VFW


for the rest of the Mother Of Mercy set and one War Pigs song from 9/14 show at the Moose Lodge....click here

big shout out to rinaldo

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Matt Wren (of Early Birds / WB Hardcore fame) made a blog strictly for interviews with people involved in punk/hardcore. He already has interviews with Mike Reilly from Pulling Teeth, that dude Larry who sang in Crumbler, and DFJ of BHC fame. Good reads.


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WAR PIGS LP (late 2008)

WAR PIGS is set to record their new LP entitled "DEGENERATION" at the end of October. Staggered Noise (off shoot of Staggered Works) will be putting out the 12" LP hopefully by the end of the year.

Check out a rough teaser track on their myspace

and check out upcoming shows on Staggered Works' myspace

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at the moose lodge


check this out for sure

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"so i had this idea today: before i leave for the big tour let down's doing in the fall (us, have heart, ceremony and blacklisted, full USA) i wanted to use it in a way that would somehow benefit our area's hardcore scene as well. so i came up with the idea to make a compilation of sorts of doylestown area hardcore bands that i could hand out for free on tour.

if i can get this together i plan to get a song or two from all of the relevant bands in this area, burn them onto a CD with an insert that my roommate will illustrate (he did the one page funnies, the not normal logo, the let down 'europe can suck' it, etc) and then have them for free on our merch table, give them to people who buy our ****, and hand them to my friends who live in other areas. literally any band in the area (any by this area i mean like, all around doylestown, even like wilkes-barre bands and delco area bands if they wanted to be are welcome. no jersey though) who plays hardcore, punk, or hardcore/punk will be welcome to be on the comp. if you're down i'm not going to tell anyone they're not good enough to be on it, i want this comp to be in the spirit of the new breed tape comp of NYHC back in the day. obviously every band on that thing wasn't absolution or anything but just because you're not a "first-tier" local headliner or some **** doesn't mean you don't deserve to get your **** out there and be heard.

ok, if you're down all you need to do is:

1) sendspace a song or two that you want to be on it. i don't care if they're previously released, rough mixes, exclusive tracks, whatever whatever. that's all on you - if i were you i would put my best foot forward though because 9/10 times this would be the first time most of the people who will be hearing this will be hearing you.

2) supply me with $5. this isn't a money-making scheme, CDRs/sleeves/copies all cost money and i don't think $5 per band is exactly going to break the bank. if i get this together i plan to supply each band with several copies of the thing too, it will be a cool little item and to drive home the point that i'm not just trying to gip $5 off you, if you can supply CDRs or CD sleeves you have laying around i will gladly take that instead of the five. the money is negotiable because at the end of the day i'd rather have your band on it than not on it but it would help me alot if you could pony up the money so i can really make this happen. every cent i get will go directly into making more copies of this thing, and i know i can get every copy of this CD i produce into the hands of someone who will listen to it, so the more of you who aren't jews about a lousy five bucks, the better.

anyway since i leave on october 20th i'm giving myself a decent amount of time to get this together so if you're interested get at me here or on AIM or whatever so i can start making a list of who's going to be on it and whatnot. like i said, punk/hardcore bands only, all the indie/whatever bands of the area seem to do a great job promoting the **** out of themselves on their own time, and if they need any more they can just pay to get an add on MTV2 like that ****ty band ruse of fools did back a few years ago.

so, hit me up if you're interested

- ogden"


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if you didnt catch them or Let Down at this weekends This Is Hardcore fest....you are indeed a fool. Both bands got awesome reactions and things are looking up for DOTO. Nice to see all of your smiling faces this weekend. Great times had by all.

if you got nothing to do this Saturday, drive on over across the river for this jam...

@ The Stelton Baptist Church
334 Plainfield Ave
Edison, New Jersey, 08817

Poverty Bay Saints (seattle, ex: champion)
Mother of Mercy
Black Sails

COST: $10

another interview this week. hopefully some live footage soon

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I sat down with Greg over a nice brunch in my father's study to conduct this interview and asked the singer of Concrete Jungle what was beyond the jungle. Tune in...

DTHC: You wanna do this interivew now?
Greg: i'd rather be smoking a bowl...was that the first question?

DTHC: Go smoke one
Greg: brb
Greg: ay dog

DTHC: Ok, first, who are you? What band are you in? How long have you been attending shows?
Greg: Greg Marchand, i'm in concrete jungle, i've been going to shows since allie cislak gave me a the rock paper scissors e.p by mute, so 7th grade.

You are in Concrete Jungle. You guys just started and you are a fairly new, young band. What do you hope to bring to the plate with CJ?
Greg: what we wanted to do with concrete jungle is just bring something fresh. Doylestown is constantly shifting music styles. Metalcore, pop punk, "old school" hardcore, all phases this towns seen in one way or another. We've started at a point where creativity and uniqueness are running high and people aren't so worried about breaking the norm, i guess what i'm trying to say is, we just want to sound like something new, a little heavy, a little blazed, real pissed. we also want to bring the jungle sound to d-town, something funky.

You just recorded new songs and they are tight as hell. The lyrics are straight forward and straight up raw...where do you find inspiration to write?
Greg: thank you, a lot of the lyrics i write are just things that i wish i could have just said to someones face but didn't get the chance or just didn't. Also being around really retarded people or idiot girls i just think to myself like whats the best way to describe these people, why are they pissing me off so much. So i guess my inspiration are dumb sluts and drunk assholes.

What other up and coming bands besides the Jungle should we look out for this fall / winter?
Greg: i think suburban scum are looking to be pretty good, always been a fan of stay sharp look out for whatever they do, and do listein to weekend nachos. and layin' waste.

Give me your opinion on the state of the Doylestown scene.
Greg: the scene is pretty good, i mean were all close, were all friends, it'd be nicer to see kids that aren't always around come to shows more often. I just wish that there were more basement shows and the wacky shit that used to happen at depression shows, i don't know.

Rank the 5 best places to get a burrito.
Greg: 1. burrito night at the marchands 2. chipotle 3. el taco 4. baja fresh 5. anywhere but california tortilla

Last word? Shout outs? whatever.
Greg: everyone should all say thank you to bob meadows, dion made out with the inspiration for the song sloth, weed, text 267-614-5735 for nudes.

Check out the three new songs from Concrete Jungle here.


CONCRETE JUNGLE has put up 3 new demos they just recorded.


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spread it
use it
dont support internet trolls from Blue Bell who ride on the coat tails of their dead fathers

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


FORCE FED (Perkasie Straight Edge) plans to put out a Demo Tape with Boston's Painkiller Records. They have put out releases by artists like Iron Age, Mind Eraser, Restless Youth, Waste Management, + more. When we get info on ordering said demo tape, it will be made available here. Congrats guys.




10/20: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Ruiner
10/21: Richmond, VA @ Canal Club w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/22: Atlanta, GA @ MJQ w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/23: Orlando, FL @ Backbooth w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/24: Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/25: Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9 w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Swamp Thing
10/26: Memphis, TN @ Singleton Community Center w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
10/27: Tulsa, OK @ Pinkeye w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
10/28: Austin, TX @ Red 7 w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Bitter End
10/30: Phoenix, AZ @ Modified Arts w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
10/31: Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Internal Affairs
11/01: Berkeley, CA @ Gilman w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Sabertooth Zombie
11/02: Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Ill Intent
11/03: Tacoma, WA @ Viaduct w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, On
11/05: Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/06: Mission, KS @ Mission Theatre w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/07: Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/08: Madison, WI @ Club 770 / University Of Wisconsin w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/10: Covington, KY @ Mad Hatter w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/11: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/12: Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/13: Pittsburgh, PA @ Roboto Project w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/14: Syracuse, NY @ Klub Polski w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, Convicted
11/15: Boston, MA @ The ICC w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows
11/16: Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown
11/17: Manhattan, NY @ Knitting Factory w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows
11/18: Livingston, NY @ Goodtimes w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows
11/19: Deer Park, NY @ Deer Park VFW w/ Blacklisted, Have Heart, Ceremony, Letdown, New Lows

SEE YA 11/16


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TONIGHT!! Sunday August 17th
@ The Moose Lodge on State St. in Doylestown, PA
6 bucks

WAR PIGS (doto hard rock)
LAYIN' WASTE (new doto blood. featuring Dead Again and Bob Meadows)
HOLLOWS (philly hardcore in vein of MLIW)
RIP IT UP (shore style)
CONCRETE JUNGLE (only the greatest hits of doto)
NO LUCK (sean preston fronted hardcore. ex-slave)

come one, come all


Yo. i figured id do a little something like this to help out bands around and area and to keep kids (who still care) about music going around in their area.

So if you wanna contribute to this site in anyway (show listings, bands putting up new mp3s, release dates, gossip, etc.) email me at: dionbarrella@gmail.com or you can message me on myspace (www.myspace.com/dion123) or on facebook. so the more you guys provide me with shit, the more will be put up here.

word? word.